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    Popeye’s ApplicationPopeye’s Application – Popeye’s Employment

    Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, sometimes referred to as Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits, is a fast food chain restaurant specializing in fried chicken and southern Cajun style cuisine. The company was originally founded in 1972 in Louisiana and has now grown to over 1,800 stores in 40 states. The company itself operates a handful of stores with the rest being franchises. You can find a map to your nearest Popeye’s restaurant on their website if you would like to start your Popeye’s career. Visit any location to pick up an application for Popeye’s.

    Popeye’s Job Application Online

    The website does not contain a Popeye’s application online form. For management or crew member positions at Popeye’s, you can find a map to the nearest Popeye’s location on their website here: http://popeyes.com/careers/. You will need to pick up a Popeye’s application from the restaurant. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the links under “Restaurant Careers. To the right of this section you will see corporate job listings under “Global Service Center Careers”. Click on a job to see more information about the position and an email at the bottom where you can send your resume.

    Popeye’s application

    Popeye’s Careers And Income – Entry Level

    Popeye’s careers offer great opportunities to gain experience in the food service industry. The company prides itself on its culture of encouraging learning and growth at all levels of business. To apply for a position with Popeye’s, you can find a map on their website that will give you the closest location. You will need to complete a Popeye’s job application in person at the store. Crew members can expect to earn $8-10 an hour on average.

    Popeye’s Careers And Income – Management and Executive Level

    Popeye’s has a wide range of management and corporate positions available. You can find a listing of these at the bottom of the following page: http://popeyes.com/careers/

    Once you click on the position you are looking for, you will be able to see more information and find an email where you can send your resume as well as a Popeye’s application online.

    Apply At Popeye’s – Basic Advice

    Since you will need to complete a Popeye’s job application in person for a position, make sure that you are dressed professionally and well-groomed. Remove any unnecessary piercings or jewelry. When you are finished filling out your Popeye’s application form, ask to speak to a manager so that you can personally submit your resume. Speak clearly and confidently when you do. This makes a great first impression. The manager may ask you some questions about your previous experience so be prepared to respond with specific examples.

    Apply At Popeye’s – Advanced Tips

    Make sure that your resume and contact information is up to date and professional. Before you send your resume, spend some time to write a cover letter in your email. This presents a professional attitude and can help you stand out from the competition. Be sure to emphasize your strengths in relation to the position you are applying for. There may be instructions on whether or not you should complete a Popeye’s online application. Be sure to pay attention to these instructions.

    Popeye’s Benefits

    Popeye’s benefits include flexible schedules, wellness programs, meal discounts, and medical and dental insurance to eligible employees. Popeye’s has a culture of continuous learning and provides paid training programs to many of their employees. 401(k) programs and paid time off are offered to management positions. Submit your Popeye’s job application form now to get started!

    Things To Know About Popeye’s

    Researching a company before your interview can give you a distinct advantage over your competition. Here are some interesting facts about Popeye’s:

    Popeye’s began in 1972 when Alvin Copeland opened “Chicken on the Run.” The company was reopened as “Popeye’s” after several months of poor performance. Copeland began franchising the company and by 1985, Popeye’s had opened 500 stores including locations in Canada. In 1991, the company filed for bankruptcy. AFC was formed to take ownership of Popeye’s and their competitor, Church’s Chicken. The company has shown strong growth expanding to over 1800 stores by 2013.


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