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    Panda Express ApplicationPanda Express Application – Panda Express Employment

    If you are seeking your very first, Panda Express is a really good option. As with any fast food restaurant, you will work hard and between rushes, there is a lot of cleaning to be done. Of course, hard work is said to be good for the soul and the pocketbook. If you want to work in a really clean environment, complete and submit a Panda Express job application form to get started. If you are in college and are interested in a position that can develop into potential ownership, or are seeking a corporate job in the service industry, check out Panda Express Careers and see if there is one for you. Panda Express offers full-time and part-time positions and all full-time workers can take advantage of paid career development.

    Panda Express was created by two Chinese immigrants and the company expects employees that work hard rather than coast through an easy job. If you are willing to adapt to the hard work and long hours Panda Express expects of you, you will learn a whole new skill set that will become your foundation for success in any industry.

    Panda Express Job Application Online

    After going on the company’s site, click on your choice of job category – restaurant careers or corporate careers. A new page opens to display current available positions. Simply click on a position of interest, read the job description, determine if you are suitable, and click “apply” to begin filling out the Panda Express job application online.

    Panda Express Job application

    Panda Express Careers and Income

    When searching the Panda Express Careers page for work, you will have to decide if you want an hourly or management position since the site does separate these listings. Many career-oriented people start as entry-level employees at Panda Express and after finding that they like the company and have found a comfortable fit, they submit an application for either management or corporate openings. Most wages and salaries can be negotiated and if you are a good negotiator, you could get top dollar for your work. Of course, the downside of that is that you will have to live up to earning those wages.

    Apply At Panda Express – Basic Advice

    If you have no experience in any type of restaurant work or fast food work, be prepared to work hard, clean and fast. Typically, those working in Chinese restaurants work longer hours and have plenty of things to do when customers are not ordering.

    The ability to stand for long periods of time, bend over in small spaces and be happy to serve customers even when they are grumpy are all assets that you should include on your Panda Express employment application.

    The rules for any fast food service are strict and must be adhered to and Panda Express is no different. Providing good food and great service is the keystone of this company and the methods to achieve these are mandated. Be prepared to follow rules even if you don’t understand them and be a team player even if you don’t like your coworkers.

    Managers are expected to help the associates, not just point the way like a sign post. If you are considering management, you should be able to work on the floor and do any job that needs to be done.

    Apply At Panda Express – Advanced Tips

    When you are completing your Panda Express application, explain what you expect to learn working at this company and in the department of your choice. Follow that with an explanation of what you believe you can contribute to the company, how you can improve customer experience or enhance communication between employees on the front line.

    If you don’t know what you expect to gain – besides an income – or add to the company, then spend some time learning more about Panda Express. The company heads are very proud of their achievements and want to teach others about their success model. Ask your interviewer if there is room for advancement for a person who is willing to put in the effort and time needed to move ahead.

    Panda Express Benefits

    Part of the cultural difference between Panda Express and other companies in the US is the ability to actually negotiate your wages and benefits. While there are parameters that will not be breached, bargaining for wages and benefits is respected. The benefits are comparable to those in similar jobs but there are added benefits such as 5 week paid training for management, and dependent care flexible spending accounts.

    Things to Know About Panda Express

    Part of the Panda Express culture is the belief that choices are what empower people to do great things and choosing to make a positive impact on your life, your family’s future, and your community as a whole is essential to success.

    The father and son that started Panda Express came to the US with less money than the average worker at McDonald’s makes in a day. What they did have was hope and plenty of desire to make a good life in this country. To this day, they appreciate the support that their community provided in repeat business. As a result, Panda Express gives back to communities nationwide in a variety of ways. They provide food donations to food banks, monetary donations for charities and employees are expected to volunteer their time to help others in sharing their knowledge and teaching others to believe in their dreams.

    You can find the online application by accessing this page.

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