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    Jack in the Box ApplicationJack in the Box Application – Jack in the Box Employment

    The colorful story of Jack in the Box started way back in 1951 as a hamburger chain. Today it has grown to 2,250 quick-service restaurants in forty-six states and even at the district of Columbia and Canada.

    Before you fill out your Jack in the Box Application, you should know that the company started and expanded the drive-thru dining concept. Jack in the Box has always placed a premium on convenience. In fact, 85 percent of its half a million customers per year go through the drive-thru or buy their food as takeout. It is a wise move to send in that Jack in the Box job application form today because you’ll be joining one of the industry’s finest.

    Jack in the Box application

    Jack in the Box Job Application Online

    If you are interested in a Jack in the Box application, you can fill out a form here: http://www.jackintheboxinc.com/careers/apply_now. You can send in your resume or fill out your Jack in the Box application online for faster processing. Just make sure that you include all the necessary information and credentials to make your application stand out.

    Jack in the Box Careers and Income

    Jack in the Box careers is one of the most sought-after positions in the industry. You can start as a cashier or restaurant staff and eventually move your way up. You can indicate all the experience and skills that you have in your Jack in the Box application online form, and these will all be considered during screening.

    Here’s what you can make at Jack in the Box: cashiers start at $7.96/hour; team members, $7.74/hour; team leaders, $9.10/hour; and the assistant managers, $10.33/hour.

    A restaurant manager can make $43,200 a year; assistant manager, $32,500; store manager, $46,550; and the analyst, as much as $62,750.

    Apply at Jack in the Box – Basic Advice

    Your Jack in the Box application should also showcase your personality, interests, and other skills. While math and communications are key points, the management also appreciates varied interests. Applicants who have strengths in dancing, singing, decorating, or other endeavors may be given more points, so to speak, as these skills can come in handy inside the store.

    Apply at Jack in the Box – Advanced Tips

    A Jack in the Box online application carries as much weight as the actual interview, so be sure to write everything down that could help you in your Jack in the Box employment application. For managers and corporate employees, additional training and other certifications you may have received will help you greatly in furthering your application. Awards, citations, and other recognition should also be listed down. You’ll never know what will impress the screening committee or the panel who will do the interview.

    Jack in the Box Benefits

    Double-check your Jack in the Box application form before filing it in. Applicants who are chosen from the screening process are in for a life-changing experience. From the ranks, you can ascend the ladder and eventually become a corporate employee and receive the following benefits:

    • Medical/dental/vision coverage
    • 401(k) savings plan
    • Company holidays
    • Paid time off for vacation and sick leave
    • Life insurance
    • Tuition reimbursement
    • Long-term care
    • Floating holidays
    • Optional accident insurance
    • Employee assistance program
    • Health advocate program
    • Employee stock purchase plan
    • Optional disability coverage
    • Service awards
    • Meal discount for employee and family

    Remember, all of these will be made possible if you take the first step and send in your Jack in the Box job application.

    Things to Know About Jack in the Box

    Based in San Diego, California, Jack in the Box was founded by Robert Peterson. He started the business with an intercom and a drive-through window. The name of the restaurant came from the large Jack in the Box clown, which stood over the establishment. The menu was simple—affordable burgers served hot and fast while maintaining utmost customer satisfaction.

    Today, Jack in the Box has some twenty-two thousand employees and a solid expansion rate. More than burgers, the establishment now serves sandwiches, salads, and real ice cream shakes. Fans keep coming back for serious burgers with no extenders. The company prides itself in high-quality, quick service and customized meals for their guests.

    Their motto is: “We don’t make it ’til you order it®.” Which ensures that each meal is served fast and fresh every order.

    There is no reason for you not to send in your application for Jack in the Box. Visit the online career page now for more information.

    Jack in the Box Careers home page: http://www.jackintheboxinc.com/careers/apply_now

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