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    Founded in 1954 and earning over 11 million visitors globally each year, Burger King remains one of the leaders in the fast food hamburger chain industry. Famous for their WHOPPER sandwich, it’s no wonder Burger King became the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world! To uphold their commitment of serving their customers the freshest ingredients with high quality and great tasting hamburgers, Burger King needs a steady influx of dedicated workers. The Burger King employment application form is accepted globally and all year round. If you have a passion for excellence and commitment to offer total customer service satisfaction, it is time to explore your career opportunities here. Fill out a Burger King application and be part of their team!

    Burger King Application Online

    Burger King maintains dynamic job opportunities for anyone who wants to have a fast paced, goal-oriented career. To apply online, choose the category you are applying for, whether corporate or restaurant positions. Then, submit your Burger King application online by filling out the required forms and questionnaires.

    burger king application

    To start with your Burger King online application, visit their site and click on Job Search. This will direct you to a page that includes information about job opportunities in their corporate, field, and in-restaurant roles and vacancies. The Job Search page provides an applicant with the necessary information one looks for when applying for a job, such as positions available, restaurant locations and benefits.

    Once you have chosen which position you are applying for, it is time to fill out your first Burger King application form. To do this, simply download the form and fill out the blank spaces that seek basic personal information such as name, address, and number. The form specifically asks for your age, so be sure to answer truthfully. The company does accept applicants 16 years and older, but younger teenagers may require a work permit.

    The last section of the form asks general ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, and the reverse side of the Burger King application will require you to confirm all information is truthful to the best of your knowledge by signing it.

    Burger King Careers and Income

    Burger King Careers and Income – Management and Executive Level

    Burger King careers and job opportunities are open for both management and executive-level applicants who possess strong communication and leadership skills. Since the company commits to providing total customer satisfaction, those applying for management and executive levels will need to possess a sense of urgency.

    Restaurant managers at this company often earn from $20,000 to $40,000 annually. Burger King managers are usually in charge of store locations and are responsible for hiring new employees and training them. The company values hard work and loyalty, thus giving eligible management associates with surprisingly generous remuneration like paid time off, insurance, and health coverage. However, benefits and salary grades may differ depending on location.

    Apply At Burger King – Basic Advice

    With over 8,600 store locations all over the United States, it is no wonder that thousands submit their Burger King application either online or in person. Job vacancies at Burger King vary from full time entry level positions, management, and executive. Knowing that there are more job applications than positions to fill, an applicant should stand out from the rest. Generally, what the company seeks out are applicants willing that give their best, have the innate ability to decide wisely, and have the internal hunger to learn new things. A piece of technical advice would be to make sure you fill out all the necessary spaces in the application form and with complete honesty. Interviewers will know when you are being completely true with your answers.

    A typical Burger King job application takes about a week to process, including submitting the application form, screening, and interview. Job seekers who apply in person may be interviewed on the spot. However, this is rare as there are hundreds waiting to be screened online. There are also considerations on franchise store locations.

    Typically, interviews at Burger King take place at the store location where you have applied. Once a schedule is set, be sure to arrive early and in your most presentable attire. Job interviews at Burger King are usually in a friendly, relaxed setting that allows the applicant to become comfortable and at ease. Results are based on how you handle questions during the interview session.

    Obviously, working at a fast food chain will require unconventional working hours, so commitment to work in spite of this should be present. When applying for jobs at Burger King or in any fast food chain, make sure that the location is near where you live, as this saves on commuting expenses and travel time.

    Apply At Burger King – Advanced Tips

    An application for Burger King managerial positions requires more advanced leadership and communications skills than most of their entry-level counterparts. These skill requirements are largely influenced by the type of work they perform at store locations. Burger King managers hire and train new employees, supervise daily store operations and even handle employee work schedules.

    If you are ready to do all these things and feel that you possess the above-mentioned qualities, then you are ready to apply for a management position.

    To qualify for this position, your applications form should stand out. Aspiring Burger King managers should catch the attention of hiring managers through powerful and persuasive words that describe who you are and what you can do.

    Once you receive an invitation for an interview, show up early and in appropriate attire. Always remember that first impressions last. Hiring managers immediately know applicants who are serious by how they dress up. Look for tailored clothes that are not revealing.

    Although it is typical to be nervous during an interview, it should not overpower you or your intelligent replies to interview questions. Sit straight, compose yourself and listen carefully to the interview questions. Plan to be just yourself, and practice answering possible interview questions at home. Become familiar with the company, their goals, and products.

    Lastly, the best thing you could ever wear to a Burger King interview is your smile. A friendly demeanor attracts more customers anyway, resulting in more sales and profit for the company.

     Burger King Benefits

    Exciting work compensation awaits successful candidates at Burger King. The next time you fill out your Burger King application online form, think about the exciting benefits you and your family could receive.

    Employees at Burger King enjoy competitive basic pay rates, flexible working hours, and potential room for growth. Burger King rewards their loyal employees with extravagant health and wellness benefits.

    burger king job application

    Burger King maintains their commitment to safeguard not just their customers’ well-being, but most of all their employees. Those who have been with the company are eligible to receive additional health benefits, including bonus packages.

    Burger King provides higher compensation rates than their similar fast-food chain counterparts. Management enjoys salaries between $20,000 to $40,000 annually.

    Compensation and benefits packages are dependent on Burger King store locations and operations, whether franchised or not.

    Things To Know About Burger King

    Burger King’s commitment to serve high-quality meals in environmentally-friendly packages has made them the leader in the fast-food chain industry. More people apply to Burger King than any other food chain because of the many opportunities to grow personally and professionally, and the rigid screening and interview process contributes to how they manage and accept responsibility to their customers.

    Let us take a look back and find out where it all began:

    Burger King, popularly abbreviated as BK, is considered the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. Born in 1953 in the state of Florida, with Insta-Burger-King as their name, the company had a rough start. The owners decided to rename it to Burger King after struggling financially for about a year.

    From that moment on, Burger King has remained on top of the fast food chain industry, operating an approximate 12,200 restaurants all over the United States and in 76 countries, 90% of Burger King stores are franchise-operated. The company, in 2008, was even listed in Forbes top 1000 largest corporations worldwide.

    The company’s first international foray began in Puerto Rico and then expanded into Canada. From then on, franchise applications sprung up in Europe, East Asia, and Central / South America. Australia is the only place where Burger King operates under a different name. This is largely due to confusion as Burger King is already registered to a different business in Adelaide.

    Burger King is committed to delivering world-class service to their customers, preserving human relations, empowering their employees, and committing to safeguard the environment. Since Burger King happens to be in the food industry, they commit to giving their customers educated choices through meal customization. This commitment is carried out by supplying nutritional information and maintaining strict high-quality standards in meal preparation.

    Did you know that Burger King was acknowledged by PETA as the Most Improved National Food Chain in their Proggy awards? The company buys 32,000 tons of recycled paper each year and their napkins are made from 100% recycled materials. Printed in their meal bags is information regarding healthier environmental and lifestyle choices.

    Burger King has also pioneered in different advertising campaigns such as the product tie-in with George Lucas in his Star Wars promotion. The plan was to promote the company through BK selling a set of glasses that feature main characters from the Star Wars movie.

    The burgers that they are most famous for were initially broiled mechanically in an Insta-Broiler that cooked 12 patties at a time in a wire basket. As time evolved and peoples’ cooking preferences changed, Burger King upgraded to a flame broiler that cooked meat on a moving chain.

    Another commitment they intend to uphold is to become exceptional employers. Burger King believes that the recipe for success is to approach situations dynamically and with an innovative way of thinking. The company believes that accountability in embracing their responsibility to the public is the secret to their success. What good is hard work without a little fun?! At Burger King, they believe that the secret to a happy workplace is to have a little fun while hard at work. It may seem impossible, but Burger King has done it!

    Burger King believes that change is good, especially if it’s for the environment. The company knows that continued research and innovation will eventually lead them to more environmentally-friendly products and facilities.


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