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Family Dollar Application

    Family Dollar ApplicationFamily Dollar Application – Family Dollar Employment

    Based in Matthews, North Carolina, Family Dollar is a small box discount retailer that retails everyday items at low prices. Their inventory includes general merchandise and basic necessities, usually selling for only a dollar a piece. Strictly speaking, it is not a dollar store because it offers other items that cost more than a dollar. Their varied product ranges include food items, household goods and clothing. Stores accept cash, credit cards, debit cards and cash benefits from EBT food stamp cards.They owe much of their success not only to their affordable prices, but also to their courteous, friendly, helpful staff. Prospective of family dollar application applicants who possess these qualities and who have a professional work ethic are welcome to apply for positions with the company.

    Family Dollar is a family-run Fortune 500 company with over 7,600 locations all across the United States. They have more than 50,000 employees and $7 billion in annual revenue. They are not a small enterprise and they continue to be one of the most respected companies in their market. Their business model is often imitated but never replicated, and this makes them an ideal place to start a career.

    Family Dollar Job Application Online

    The Family Dollar corporate website has an employment application page. It is possible to apply for any position in the company through the careers page. Job openings posted on the site include store personnel, cashiers, store managers and office positions. Applications for Family Dollar positions are welcome all year round. The page distinguishes between store opportunities and management opportunities. Applicants can apply for jobs in both categories. If applying for a store position, the applicant will need to indicate a preferred branch or area. The Family Dollar team will then check whether there are positions available in that particular location. If there are none, the applicant will be informed and subsequently asked to provide a second or third location choice.

    After submitting their Family Dollar application, qualified applicants are called in for an interview. For store personnel, interviews are conducted at the store. For office personnel, the interview will be at the main office, unless otherwise specified. There is no limit to the number of times you can apply for a position, and there is no limit to how many positions you can apply for.

    Family Dollar Careers and Income

    For store operations, Family Dollar has openings for Sales Associates, Cashiers, Assistant Managers, Store Managers, and others. Those with prior experience can leverage these skills for a better job with Family Dollar. Family Dollar employees generally receive higher than average income. Please note that salary varies depending on the applicant’s experience and the store’s location. Interested parties can submit their Family Dollar application through the website to start the screening process. Candidates may be asked to submit other relevant documents, such as certifications, that can vouch for their skills and experience. This is crucial in upper management positions where many individuals may be vying for the same position.

    Apply At Family Dollar – Basic Advice

    Family Dollar applications are available for these positions: Sales Associates, Cashiers, Stock persons, Shift Leaders, Assistant Managers, Store Managers, Store Merchandisers, Warehouse Supervisors, Operations Managers, and Inbound/Outbound Managers among others. Employees possessing the skills and experience necessary are welcome to try and further their career at Family Dollar. Salary packages are attractive and within industry standards. As with other location-based companies, wages at Family Dollar vary depending on the store location.

    Store Managers can earn from $25,000 to $57,000 per year. Managers can earn from $27,000 to $77,000 per year. Other perks for the job include bonuses, profit sharing, and discounts on merchandise.

    For in-store positions, the average pay rate is roughly $8 to $9 per hour. This, however, is only for entry-level positions. Rates and bonuses increase depending on the applicant’s skills and experience. Regular overtime and holiday rates are also observed. This translates roughly to about $12 to $18 per hour. Perks of the job of course include raises, bonuses, free products, discounts to some Family Dollar items and many more.

    The Family Dollar application process starts when an applicant submits their resume to the company’s careers webpage. From there, the application is screened and a background check may be conducted. Those who pass the screening will be requested to attend an interview. The interview can be conducted one-on-one or in a panel.

    A candidate is asked to interview in order to gauge his or her appropriateness for the role and to further clarify his or her work ethic, background, and personality. After filing their Family Dollar application online, a one-on-one interview accomplishes several things: to prove the veracity and consistency of the information posted on their resume and online application as well as to verify suitability by explaining how their employment background can enable them to rise above the challenges of the role being applied for. The candidate has to be open and truthful about their answers, if they plans on passing the interview.

    After submitting the Family Dollar online application, the candidate might have to wait up to two weeks before hearing from the company. For entry-level positions, the candidate would be asked about their plans for the future, and about their personality and experiences. For managerial positions, the questions will be about real-world scenarios and work experience. For jobs with specific skill requirements, the applicant would be asked how they would do things under certain conditions: a marketing person could be asked how they would conduct a campaign, whereas a salesperson could be asked how best to sell a product. Product knowledge could also be tested. A person who is knowledgeable about Family Dollar would have a better chance at getting the job. However, attitude and mindset is also important. For in-store positions, the successful applicant will be interacting with customers every day, so during the interview, the Family Dollar screening team will be looking out for courtesy, commitment to customer service, patience, problem-solving skills and trustworthiness. They may be asked a series of “what would you do” questions or be given practical tests. For example, if the applicant wants to be a cashier, he or she should obviously have a firm grasp of at least basic math skills.

    Apply At Family Dollar – Advanced Tips

    Family Dollar is not a high-end store. They do not carry big-ticket items and pricey merchandise. However, they do maintain close ties with the community, and the market segment they cater to are loyal to the Family Dollar brand. Prospective applicants who have submitted their Family Dollar application online form need to have good interpersonal relationship skills and exceptional people skills. There is an almost-instant rapport between the store and the community it serves.

    On top of that, Family Dollar is involved in charity work with community-based organizations. Successful candidates have to understand that the company is interested in multiple bottom lines – not just creating profit. Applicants who are interested to helping with charity work should state their volunteer experience in the Family Dollar application form.

    Family Dollar is interested in the welfare of their personnel. They maintain a work force that is loyal to the company. In fact, they put a high value on employee loyalty, in the same way that customers have a high level of loyalty to Family Dollar. Family Dollar jobs are meant to be for the long-term. These jobs are part of long-term careers and not just a way to earn money. Job growth and satisfaction counts highly at Family Dollar. Family Dollar employment application processing tries to find individuals who have great social skills and are passionate about their work.

    Family Dollar seeks applicants who envision long-term employment with the company, sharing their goals and being a participant in all of their endeavors. They do not wish to employ individuals that will only stay for five months and then move on to another job. They believe that employees will stay loyal to the company if they are valued, paid well and made to feel important. As part of their commitment to their employees, Family Dollar puts a premium on training, ensuring that the employee is well-equipped for the job. Training is also an investment by both the employee and Family Dollar in improving the work done by the each member of their valued team.

    Family Dollar Benefits

    While they are not reputed for having extraordinarily high salaries and lavish bonuses, Family Dollar’s remuneration packages are competitive and they also bestow upon their valued employees generous benefits. As mandated by law, all regular employees receive different perks for being part of the Family Dollar roster. Here are a few:

    • 401(K) Savings and Retirement Plans
    • Employee Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
    • Medical Insurance
    • Dental benefits
    • Vision benefits
    • Prescription health benefits
    • Life Insurance
    • Short term and long term disability benefits
    • Wellness Programs

    On top of the above benefits, eligible staff also receives bonuses on top of their salary. There are also travel bonuses, cash incentives, gifts and other discounts depending on the employee’s position and performance. Commission may be paid to marketing/sales positions while overtime and night differential pay is given to staff that work beyond regular hours or on their rest days.

    There is also an effort on the company’s part to check on the financial situation of their employees. Family Dollar understands that in order to expect the most of their staff, they have to make sure that they are healthy and debt-free. They should have less things to worry about in order to be able to perform at their best and give 100% to their work. Worrying about money or being sick all the time does not make them effective customer service people or team leaders.

    Things to Know About Family Dollar

    Family Dollar is proud to be of help to the community. As a retailer of small lot discount items, the company understands that in order to profit, their customers have to be better off after purchasing from their store. The company is also aware that there are other bottom lines besides money. Family Dollar has a conscience and they use it to better help their customers and community. Since their humble beginnings, Family Dollar has exerted effort to become a valuable addition to each community they set up shop in. Not only do they create a steady stream of employment for people in the vicinity of the store, they also promote commerce in the area.

    Family Dollar also reaches out to the poor and underprivileged. The company has conducted dozens of outreach programs in various areas: health, education, assisting the children and the elderly and so on. As employees of Family Dollar, successful applicants will be expected to participate in these activities with sincerity and enthusiasm. The company believes in giving back generously to the community and in helping paint a brighter picture for the poor and the sick.

    Family Dollar is a happy, productive and healthy work environment. It is an ideal place for a young adult to start a career and even better option for a seasoned manager or marketing individual to move to. If you are looking for an employer who cares to look past profits and sales, this is the right place for you. Check out the Family Dollar career page below and make sure to answer all questions in the application form as completely and as truthfully as you can. This could be the break you have been waiting for.

    Family Dollar Career Page: http://corporate.familydollar.com/pages/careers.aspx


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