Entry level offshore jobs

    There is a huge diversity of entry level offshore jobs waiting to be filled on offshore gas and oil rigs. If you have been on the job hunt for long without success, we would like to reveal to you the most in-demand maritime jobs and how you can successfully apply for them.

    What are offshore jobs

    Ocean rigs require a large workforce to extract oil and gas , often known as the floating cities or platforms / drill rigs depending on their function. The workers spend weeks or even months on the platform. Most of them adapt to the ocean lifestyle that they find it awkward to live in normal cities. The jobs can require a lot of physical strength but companies offer fat paychecks, which are definitely worth the trouble.

    entry level offshore jobs

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    How do you become an offshore oil rig worker?

    Most companies allow candidates to apply for jobs online. Once you have settled for a position, you can apply by filling the online application form provided.

    What happens after you apply?  Your application will be reviewed and a member of their HR team will get back to you by phone if they think you are a good fit for that job position. They can choose to interview you by either phone, Skype, or just invite you for an interview in person. Make sure that you provide true information on your resume because most of these companies will do a background check to verify the authenticity of every individual.

    Drug screens are also necessary in most cases. These are usually funded by the company and facilitated by their human resource teams as part and parcel of the hiring process. For some of the positions, you will also be required to complete a physical.

    Offshore jobs hiring with no experience

    No experience is needed for entry level offshore jobs. Candidates with previous heavy labor experience are, however, preferred for all the positions. To know whether a job requires specific levels of experience, make sure you read the job descriptions carefully.

    Offshore jobs hiring age

    You must be 18 years of age to be considered for an offshore job, paid trainee positions are also available for younger applicants.

    Is TWIC required for entry level offshore jobs?

    A TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) might be required for some of the applications. When you want to work as a rig in the Gulf of Mexico, for example, a TWIC is a must.

    Do you need to have a passport for entry level offshore jobs?

    A passport is in most cases is not a must if you are a local. Internationals must, however, meet the necessary passport requirements to be allowed to apply for a job. Most maritime companies will hire you first and later help you with the passport application process.

    Offshore jobs working schedule

    In most cases, employees will work a rotational 21-day schedule after which you rest for 21 days. The rotational schedule could also consist of 28 days depending on the company or the job position. Important to mention, the rotational schedules do not leave room for any vacations or holidays. You must also attend all shifts as assigned by the company the failure to which will follow disciplinary action.

    Offshore rig typical day working hours and shifts

    Virtually all positions in the offshore setup will require the employee to work for 12 hours. This translates to about 84 hours per week. Sometimes, the employees can also be required to work paid overtime.

    Offshore employee transportation to the site

    Most of the companies do not offer locals with transportation to the mine site. Internationals are, however, provided with company-funded air transport from their nearest major airport.

    Entry level offshore open job positions and salaries

    The following are common entry-level job positions that you can apply for:

    • Offshore Assistant Driller

    Although most of the training is offered on the job, this position requires the candidate to have some experience with mechanical and hydraulic systems. He/she must also possess basic knowledge about safety procedures.

    Duties include driller installation, supervision of subordinate personnel such as pump man, scheduling of tasks, operating temperature and pressure control equipment, and recording drilling data as required. Employees earn average annual salaries f about $60000.

    • Offshore Electrician

    Primary duty is to carry out basic wiring and electrical equipment repair tasks. Preferable candidates must possess an electrical diploma from a recognized institution. Previous experience in electrical is also enough to get you the job. Annual salaries can reach up to $40000.

    • Drill Rig Cook

    Floating cities requires so many cooks to offer an array of dishes for the workforce. Cooks are required to have some culinary qualifications or work experience to be considered for the job position. General duties include food preparation, training, and supervision of junior cooks, and other duties as assigned. Annual salaries can reach figures of up to $45000

    • Painter

    The entry-level job position has no specific educational or work experience requirements. The individual is assigned to the painting program on board. Annual salaries range from $25000 to $35000.

    • Potwasher

    This entry level position has no specific educational or work experience requirements. General duties include cleaning the dishes, saucepans, and pots for the people on board. Annual salaries come to about $25000.

    • Roughneck

    General duties include assisting the driller on drill rigs, general manual operations, cleaning floor areas, chipping rust, and other general maintenance tasks. Average annual salaries reach an estimated figure of $35000.

    • Scaffolder

    He/she is responsible for the setup of scaffolds and other temporary setups for supporting workers and materials on mine structures. Average salaries can reach an estimated figure of $28,000.

    • Seaman

    This job requires no special training. Daily chores include random maintenance tasks, cleaning chores, and other assistant tasks as assigned. Annual salaries range from $20000-$30000.

    • Onboard waiter

    He/she is responsible for explaining the items on the menu and taking orders. Annual salaries range from $25,000-$35,000.

    • Welder

    The welder carries out general welding duties on board. You need some general knowledge on welding duties and safety procedures to be considered for this job. Annual salaries can hit $50,000.

    Now that you know everything about entry level offshore jobs, it’s time to get applying!