E-commerce job descriptions- a special guide for first-time job seekers

    E-commerce job descriptions describe the e-commerce managerial profession in terms of the skills required, duties and responsibilities plus so much more. If you have been looking for the secret behind successfully applying for an e-commerce manager job, this is just what you need, so read on!

    E-commerce job descriptions, a summary

    The larger part of e-commerce jobs goes hand in hand with the Internet.  This means that the career is quite young compared to other related fields like accounting and finance which have been in existence long before the Internet came into existence.

    E-Commerce job descriptions

    The role of an e-commerce manager is to oversee the online sales of a particular brand. After establishing a brand’s online image through creating a website, e-commerce managers then use several tactics to boost sales via the Internet. To design the web structure and manage the traffic, the managers are provided with a team of web developers, software developers, and digital marketers.

    Duties and responsibilities of an e-commerce manager

    As an eCommerce manage, you will be expected to:

    • Hire, supervise, and train support personnel assigned to you

    An e-commerce manager rarely works alone. He/she will be provided with a team of experts. How he/she manages the team will determine the overall success. The ideal candidate for an e-commerce job must possess the ability to recruit, train, supervise as well as motivate the support staff.

    • Carry out web design

    To become an e-commerce manager, you must possess exceptional web design skills. This is because you will be responsible for coming up with the overall format of the company’s website. The result should be a user-friendly website for the brand’s customers.

    • Oversee brand marketing

    An e-commerce manager must use a combination of online marketing strategies to establish an online presence for the brand. Coming up with affiliate marketing programs is one of the most common tactics used to achieve this.

    • Always be up-to-date

    The internet world is dictated by changes. Failure to change with the times can be hazardous to your company. The e-commerce manager must be well-update with the online trends and update the company’s website to make sure that it is well compatible with the latest computer and mobile systems.

    • Understand the conversion process

    As an e-commerce manager, you must clearly understand the online marketing flow which is aimed at converting first-time buyers into loyal customers. The manager will come up will come up with a plan for this and present it to the upper management for assessment and approval.

    • Possess project management skills

    Projects assigned must be completed within a given time frame and with a predefined supply of amenities. The e-commerce manager must operate and complete the project on time without overstepping the budgetary, personnel or timeline restrictions.

    E-commerce manager skills

    The ideal candidate for an e-commerce manager job position must possess certain skills listed below:

    • A well organized and flexible person

    As an e-commerce manager, your job will be overrun by unseen circumstances. The ideal candidate must be willing to interrupt his/her schedule and work for irregular hours without losing him/herself into the job.

    • Technical know-how

    On top of a degree in e-commerce or a related field, the candidate must naturally have a strong grasp of modern technology. A clear understanding of analytical tools, presentation software, spreadsheets, databases, financial breakdown, SEO, and web design will be critical for the job.

    • Professionalism

    An e-commerce works hand in hand with the senior most staff as well as clients, designers, and engineers. He/she must display a professional approach through appropriate dressing and communication.

    Tips for answering commerce manager interview questions

    • Avoid common labels

    When asked about your management style, avoid common labels like persuasive or progressive. Use more specific situational such as what you believe in or what you have learned from your experience.

    • Be specific

    When asked about your experience, talk about specific previous work experiences in detail.

    • Be selfless

    Rather than self-benefit, all your answers must clearly demonstrate a benefit to the organization.

    E-commerce manager salary

    The national average salary for e-commerce managers ranges between $65000 and $75000. Salaries will depend on factors like the candidate’s experience and educational achievements, the size of the firm, and the complexity of the role.

    Now that you have gone through one of the best e-commerce job descriptions, it’s time to get that resume ready!