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Dollar General Application

    Dollar General ApplicationDollar General Application – Dollar General Employment

    Less does not always mean more. At Dollar General, customers can enjoy a vast array of popular merchandise at very affordable prices. Dollar General is a small box retailer that has been operating out of Goodlettsville, Tennessee for several decades but has now expanded throughout the United States. The company prides itself in making shopping for everyday needs a joy by simplifying the process.They only feature the more popular brands, making discount-shopping easier. Offering general items and basic necessities, Dollar General stores are always clean and well-organized, and their employees are reputed for being friendly, courteous and genuinely helpful. If you feel that you have what it takes to become part of the Dollar General family, do not hesitate to send in your Dollar General application online. There are various positions to be filled within the store and its corporate offices.

    Dollar General Job Application Online

    The Dollar General employment application is done online, whether for in-store positions or corporate work. Cashiers, merchandisers, and even Store Managers are encouraged to send their Dollar General application online for faster processing. After the Dollar General job application form is submitted and the necessary requirements turned in, a team of HR experts screen all applications and qualified candidates are requested to come in for an interview. Always remember to write in a working phone number when you send in your application. This is the only means for the screening team to reach you and contact you for an interview. There are also various positions available in different stores and in different areas. An interested applicant may send in an application for more than one position. He or she can also list alternative areas to work in. This way, if there are no vacancies for your first choice, Dollar General careers can assign you to a different store, city, or even State. If you are confident in your skills, go to http://www2.dollargeneral.com/DG-Careers/pages/corporate-careers.aspx and complete the Dollar General application form online.

    Dollar General Careers And Income

    The Dollar General application is available for these positions: Sales Associates, Cashiers, Stockers, Shift Leaders, Assistant Managers, Store Managers, District Managers, Store Merchandisers, Warehouse Supervisors, Operations Managers, and Inbound/Outbound Managers among others. Employees who have the skills and experience required are welcome to try and expand their career options at Dollar General. The remuneration packages are attractive and within industry standards. As with other location-based companies, salary rates at Dollar General vary from store to store

    For in-store positions, the average pay rate is about $8 to $9 per hour. This, however, is only for entry-level applicants. Rates and bonuses increase depending on your skills and experience. Regular overtime and holiday rates are also observed. When it comes to supervisory or managerial positions, Dollar General managers are expected to clock in at least 40 hours per week and can enjoy a starting salary ranging from $25,000 to $38,000 a year. This roughly translates to about $12 to $18 per hour. The perks of the job of course include raises, bonuses, free products, discounts to some Dollar General items, and many more.

    Apply At Dollar General – Basic Advice

    Dollar General is not a high-end establishment but it is most certainly performing well in the market. There are hundreds of Dollar General stores all over the country and sales are streaming steadily. You may not find premium items or fancy brands inside the store, but Dollar General delivers exactly what their customers need, when they want it. The locations are convenient, they carry a wide range of products, prices are affordable and the employees are courteous and knowledgeable. This is a recipe for success that can be duplicated and applied to different locations all over the world. Popular brands carried by Dollar General are Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, Kellogg’s, General Mills and Nabisco.

    Interested applicants who file their Dollar General Job application should have be patient when waiting for a reply. There is about a week or two turnaround time for applications to be thoroughly screened and processed, but rest assured that hiring managers at Dollar General review all applications, matching qualified candidates to currently vacant roles. One interesting detail to note is that all applications are screened and checked by a system called E-Verify. This background check system is backed by the Department of Homeland Security and enables hiring managers to verify an applicant’s identity when submitting a Dollar General Application. After the process is completed, qualified applicants will be asked to come in for an interview. It could just be one interview, or it could be a series of interviews depending on the position for which you are applying. If it is a management job, expect to go through a more stringent process and be ready to face an interview panel. If you are applying for a Marketing Position, expect to be asked about marketing strategies that you plan to implement once you are hired for the position.

    Apply At Dollar General – Advanced Tips

    Dollar General is a company with a strong foundation and values. It strives to build a reliable workforce of qualified and skilled men and women who have diverse talents and backgrounds in the communities they serve. Interested parties who send in a Dollar General application must be ready to not only complete their regular store or corporate duties but also to assist and serve nearby communities. Dollar General CEO Rick Dreiling stresses their commitment to hiring only individuals who have a desire to serve, a drive to excel, and a determination to succeed. It is quite possible to work your way from the bottom up at Dollar General. Having been around for decades, there are several staff members who started as cashiers and got increases and promotions as the years passed. Some of them are now enjoying managerial positions in stores and within corporate offices.

    Another important aspect of Dollar General life is training. As a manager or junior executive, you will have people under you whom you will need to train. The transfer of technology, methods, and best practices in the industry is important in maintaining employees’ efficiency. Naturally, managers and executives will also be receiving regular training to further their development. Dollar General believes in training their people and adding to their existing skillset. Besides the travel perks and the freebies, training is an important aspect of a job applicant’s desire to be part of the Dollar General roster.

    If you’re an aspiring staff member or manager at Dollar General, you must bear in mind that work here is not for the short term. Sure, you can get a job as a cashier for six months, but what good will that do for you? The better alternative is to look at Dollar General as a long term project with milestones and goals that you will need to achieve.

    If you look at job applications as just a means to put food on the table for the next few months, there is a good possibility that you will be juggling jobs for the rest of your life. Instead of being here for the short term, why not invest your efforts and energy into building a long and fulfilling career with Dollar General?

    Dollar General Benefits

    Your Dollar General online application is just the start of something great! The company offers different benefits and bonuses to make their employees’ lives more comfortable.  Full-time employees of Dollar General stores receive a comprehensive Retirement and Financial Security Benefits package. Like most companies, Dollar General employees are also provided with a 401(k) Savings and Retirement Plan where they may contribute up to 25 percent of their pretax income.

    When it comes to health benefits, Dollar General has the best interests of their employees at heart. They provide varying levels of coverage depending on the person’s needs and preferences. They offer Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription health benefits to make sure that their employees don’t have to worry about checkups, lab work and filling out prescriptions. Dollar General also offers Flexible Spending Accounts that allow employees to save money for issues not covered by their health insurance. This can be used by dependents as well and is tax-free.

    There are also Disability and Life Insurance Benefits as well as Wellness Programs that are all about preventing illnesses and diseases rather than treating existing conditions. The company advocates a healthier lifestyle and focuses on promoting a work-life balance for their employees.

    Things To Know About Dollar General

    General facts about Dollar General:

    1. 11,500 stores in forty states.

    2. Employs over 100,000 people.

    3. Over 17 billion in annual sales.

    4. 12 distribution centers. In 2012, Dollar General built its 12th center in Berks County, PA.

    5. Corporate offices in  Goodlettsville, TN.
    A career should be more than just about receiving a paycheck every two weeks. Your workplace should be a place of growth where you can expand your knowledge, be challenged, and use your creativity and skills while being part of something truly wonderful. Before you send in that Dollar General application form, take the time to look at the company website to see their mission/vision and other activities. Dollar General takes pride in their work to assist the community as well as other charitable works they take part in. When you become part of the Dollar General team, expect to become more active in socio-civic activities and other community-building activities. There are feeding programs for children, literacy programs, and many, many more. As a Dollar General employee, you instantly become a company ambassador promoting goodwill and service to members of the community.

    Dollar General has been around for decades. Since its inception, the name has been synonymous with great service and affordable products. They have become a household name and have been trusted by generations of moms, dads and home managers. They pride themselves in being able to offer products within the dollar price range without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

    Individuals who are unique, creative thinkers and who are genuinely concerned about helping people are more than welcome to apply to any of Dollar General’s job openings. Applications are accepted and processed online every day and new additions are called in for an interview within a few days to a week after sending in their online applications. During the interview, it is important to be comfortable and confident. Don’t worry too much about your previous work experience, how you’re dressed or if you’re a good fit for the job. Since this is a retail store, expect to be asked about your math skills if you’re looking cashier positions. For managers, problem-solving skills are put to the test and you may be asked how you plan to deal with different scenarios that you may encounter while on the floor.

    More importantly, your interviewer may ask you how you see yourself growing with Dollar General in 1, 5 or 10 years’ time. The company values loyalty and dedication and would like to invest their time and resources on people who are in it for the long term. When applying for a job at Dollar General, it is important to check if your goals and values are in line with the company’s. The values of service beyond the call of duty and respect for everyone who walks inside the store premises are the guiding force behind the company’s continued popularity and success.

    Finally, if you don’t get in the first time, never be discouraged and keep trying. There’s no limit on the number of times a person can send an application form. As mentioned earlier, you can try applying for a different position or a different store location in case you get turned down the first time. Dollar General is a great company to work for. This is evidenced by the happy and loyal employees they have. If you want to be like them, you can decide to fill out that application form today and start seeing great things happen to your career.

    Dollar General Career Home Page: http://www2.dollargeneral.com/DG-Careers/Pages/index.aspx


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