Department Store Job Applications for a Fruitful Job-search

    Virtually everyone is already talking about department store job applications. Department stores are among the top job creators in the world and are sure worth the anticipation. If you are looking for a new job or just looking for a career change in, this is the ultimate department store job applications guide so read on!

    Department store job roles

    Most people who work in department stores do it out for passion. A person who likes jewelry, for instance, will be more attracted to a department store that deals jewelry. When the person knows so much about the product he/she will be able to answer all the questions that the customer might have about the specific products.

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    Here is a list of department store job roles:

    1. Department manager
    2. Customer Service Manager
    3. Cashier
    4. Salesperson
    5. Store clerk

    Let us have a closer look at each of these positions

    1.     Department manager job description

    Every department needs a manager. The duties of a department manager include hiring employees, enrolling trainees, training employees, supervising employees, overseeing employee disciplinary action, assignment of duties to all the other employees, coming up with schedules and assisting in all the daily activities of the department store.

    The department manager position requires the candidate to have deep knowledge about the product being sold. This is because he/she will be working closely with the other employees and they will all be looking up to him/her for guidance. The average shift for a department manager is 8 hours.

    Department manager skills

    Strong leadership skills, employee motivational skills, and problem-solving skills make up the ideal candidate for the job.

    Department manager requirements/qualifications

    The qualifications depend on the various aspects of the store such as the size of the store or how long the store has been in operation. All stores will, however, prefer a candidate with prior experience in sales. The candidate must also be of legal age and have completed their high school diploma or an equivalent.

    Department manager salary

    A department manager’s salary depends on experience. The starting pay ranges from $13-$20 per hour. The average pay for more experienced managers ranges from $30-$40 per hour.

    2.     Customer service manager job description

    The primary duty of customer service managers is to offer the customers with any form of assistance they might need. This includes handling complains, receiving feedback, helping customers locate specific goods and others.

    Customer service manager requirements

    The minimum educational requirement for this position is a high school diploma or its equivalent. On top of this; the candidate must possess strong interpersonal skills, professional customer handling skills, and basic computer knowledge.

    Customer service manager salary

    A customer service manager’s salary ranges from $11-$15 per hour. More experienced customer service managers may earn up to $30 per hour.

    3.     Cashier job description

    A cashier plays a crucial role in a department store. Their primary duty is to clear the customers’ purchases by receiving the payments. Cashiers work 8-12 hour shifts and are usually permanently stationed at a cash register.

    On busy days, a cashier’s work can get stressful. Cashiers are expected to remain calm and continue with work normally even in uncomfortable situations.

    Cashier requirements

    Without a doubt, a cashier must be good in calculations. Good grades in mathematics are therefore a must. A degree in an accounting or finance related course will be an added advantage. Ideal candidates must also possess basic computer knowledge.

    Cashier salary

    A cashier’s salary ranges from $15 to $20 per hour.

    4.     Salesperson job description

    The primary duty of a salesperson is to market the brands sold by the department store. Among other duties, they also welcome customers, offer guidance to customers when they are making their purchases, and help maintain the store’s cleanliness.

    Salesperson requirements

    The key qualities the interviewers will be looking for in an individual include friendliness, positivity, strong communication, and perseverance. The candidate must also possess basic computer knowledge. A degree in any course related to sales will be an added advantage.

    Salesperson salary

    Depending on the store, a salesperson salary ranges from $9-$15 per hour.

    5.     Store clerk job description

    The work of a store clerk involves receiving, keeping records as well as storing deliveries made to the store.

    Store clerk requirements

    In most cases, there are no educational requirements for becoming a store clerk. Most stores will, however, prefer candidates who have attained a high school diploma. Other requirements include physical strength and basic computer knowledge. Previous experience in storekeeping is an added advantage.

    Now that you have gone through department store job applications guide, it’s time to prepare that resume in preparation for an outstanding interview result.