Cummins Job Application- join a team of innovative thinkers

    If you are looking for a job but won’t settle for just any organization, the Cummins Job Application program is one of our best picks for you. Cummins Inc. is an organization big enough to accommodate, coach, and develop a global workforce actively involved in creating the world’s premier clean engine technologies. It is also a place small enough for you to discover your personal fit and passion alongside dependable, innovative professionals who are continuously developing their own careers within a diverse, fully-functional work environment.

    What kind of company is Cummins Inc.?

    Cummins has been a global leader in the engine power industry for over a century now. The company is organized into separate but complementary segments which are:

    • Engines
    • Power systems
    • Components: Filtration, Turbo technologies, Emission Solutions, and Electronics & Fuel Systems.
    • Distribution
    • Electrified Power

    With its Headquarters in Columbus, Indiana, the company employs nearly 100000 people worldwide and serves residents in over 200 jurisdictions and territories through a business network of more than 800 company-owned distributor locations and over 8000 third-party distributors. In 2017, Cummins was ranked 159th in the “Fortune 500 Rank” with a net income of 1 billion.

    How do I apply for a job at Cummins Inc.?

    There are so many ways to apply for a job at Cummins Inc. You can apply through employee referral, submit the application in person or submit your application online. The latter is always the best option as you can complete the application in minutes via the Cummins careers page. Here, you can browse all the open job positions worldwide using the “where” and “what” search buttons. If a job position interests you, click on it to see the job description. Starting the application process is as easy as hitting the “apply now” button. Also important to mention, Cummins also posts job updates on their official LinkedIn page.

    Cummins Inc. Careers

    The job opportunities at Cummings cover every possible field in the job industry. Some of the open job positions you can apply for at Cummins Inc. include Electrician, Technical Analyst, Marketing & Communications leader, Service Writer, Parts Professional, Administrative Assistant, Technical Sales Specialist, Supply Chain Specialist, Senior Auditor, Battery Systems Customer Engineering Leader, Machine Operator, Planner, and Senior Accountant.

    Cummins Interview Questions

    The following are the most important questions for some of the most popular job positions:

    Job Position/ Job Category Important Interview Questions
    Test Engineer, Computer Engineer, Performance Engineer>Tell us of a situation when you failed to meet a deadline. How did you react?

    >Why do you want to work for Cummins?

    >Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    >Questions about dynamic fundamentals, mechanical engineering concepts, and problem-solving (with real examples).

    Cummins Careers Internships (engineering, accounting, corporate strategy, e.t.c.)>Why did you choose your field of study?

    >What is your favorite class?

    Corporate Strategy Analyst>Have you ever been met with strong opposition by your team when trying to solve a problem? Outline the steps you took.
    Manufacturing Engineer>How many statistical software packages are you familiar with?


    How long does the Cummins Job application process take?

    Although it depends on the exact job position, successful hires usually take 4-6 weeks after filling out the Cummins job application online. The process usually starts with a series of phone interviews about 4 weeks after filling the application. If you pass the phone interviews, you are then prompted to attend a one on one interview with the hiring managers and if everything goes well, you are presented with an offer.

    Cummins Careers Internships

    Cummins partners with several higher-education centers to offer internship opportunities. They also post internship opportunities on their official careers page from time to time.

    How much do Cummins employees make?

    Among other employee benefits, the employees/ at Cummins enjoy some of the most competitive salaries in the industry. Here are the approximate salaries for some of the most common job positions:

    • Project Manager: $105000 per year.
    • Quality Engineer: $90000 per year.
    • Technical Specialist: $87000 per year.
    • Group Leader: $85000 per year.
    • IT Analyst: $85000 per year.
    • Reliability Engineer: $85000 per year.
    • Controls Engineer: 80000 per year.
    • Design Engineer: $72000 per year
    • Manufacturing Engineer: $ 75000 per year.
    • Financial Analyst: $65000 per year.
    • Cummins Careers Internships salary: $35000 per month.

    Cummins Employee Benefits

    As a Cummins employee, you will have the opportunity to participate in an array of additional compensation programs over and above your salary. Other benefits include health insurance, flexible spending account, stock purchase plan, profit sharing, 401K, and pension plan.


    And there you have it. Everything you need to know about the Cummins Careers. Fill your Cummins Job Application online right now!