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Big Lots Application

    Big Lots ApplicationBig Lots Application – Big Lots Employment

    There are various companies that contribute to the retail industry. Amongst them, Big Lots has achieved much success as a Fortune 500 retail corporation. It has a chain of department stores that sell a huge variety of merchandise that includes beverages, packaged food, electronics, furniture, toys, housewares and clothing. The items offered by Big Lots sell out very quickly and though they don’t replenish non-perishable goods frequently, food items usually are. Before being renamed Big Lots, this chain used to go by Odd Lots Trading Co. Big Lots’ history can be traced back to 1967, and since then, the company has grown astronomically, producing huge revenue.

    As the company has grown into a huge retail corporation and opened many retail stores across the world, they constantly need hard working people to contribute to the growth of the company. The company continues to expand and offers many benefits to its employees. Along with the benefits, one can expect to earn an attractive salary due to the potential of the company. The Big Lots application process is simple

    Big Lots Job Application Online

    Reports suggest that thousands of people apply online with the Big Lots job application every year due to the company’s astounding growth. It is obvious that many people want to become a part of a company that continues to grow and produce billions of dollars in income every year. This company has more than 1500 department stores located all around the United States. The best way to apply is to go through the Big Lots online application form. This form, found on the company’s Careers page, shows that they have many job opportunities for US residents to apply for. It is very easy to apply for a job at this company. The Big Lots application form can be filled in by the applicant whenever they want to, and it is active for a period of 90 days. It is also recommended that the applicants print out the Big Lots application online form after they fill the form.

    Big Lots Careers and Income

    The company provides various positions for candidates who are determined to work hard and who exhibit dedication and commitment. The Big Lots application includes various job opportunities that include Customer Care Specialists, Sales Associates, Cashiers, Stockers, Furniture Sales Managers, Associate Managers, File Clerks, Assistant Store Managers, Material Handlers, Store Managers, Maintenance Technicians, District Managers, Loss Prevention Officers, Operations Managers, Distribution Center Supervisors, Directors of Operations and Production Managers. Candidates can opt to work either full time or part time, depending on their schedule. With such a huge range of available Big Lots careers, it makes it easy for the candidates to select the position they are most comfortable with. Candidates who work as Sales Associates need to provide excellent customer service. They are offered minimum wage and their duties include helping customers by answering any of their questions. Customers may have questions related to the merchandise, but the sales associates need to answer them and they need to know product history quite well. They need to have a professional and pleasant attitude, as they work closely with the customers. Applicants vying for a position as a Cashier need to know how to use a cash register. As the store attracts many customers, the cashiers become very busy and, therefore, they need to operate quickly. The company offers minimum wage to candidates applying for the cashier position. Applicants applying for the stocking position don’t require much experience. Management looks for physically strong individuals as it involves lifting heavy items. Typically, stock clerks at Big Lots receive about $8 to $9 per hour. Candidates applying for managerial positions including assistant manager and store manager need to possess previous experience. The salary typically depends on the location of the store and while an assistant manager might make about $30,000 to $40,000 per annum, store managers can receive about $65,000 per year. Other opportunities related to IT, consulting, marketing and accounting also provide great salaries.

    Apply At Big Lots – Basic Advice

    As the company operates with more than 1500 stores across the world, they seek potential candidates who can contribute to the company flawlessly. The Big Lots application process hires innumerable workers to fill out their various vacancies. Applicants aspiring to work for Big Lots may need to go through an informal process when it comes to being hired. Sometimes the company doesn’t perform interviews while hiring workers, therefore it is important to provide relevant details in the application form to be selected. Once the applicants are filtered by management and they fit a position the company offers, they can go through an interview and speak with a hiring manager. If a candidate does get called in for an interview, he or she should bring a copy of their resume along with the printed online application form. Interviews often last less than 30 minutes. Management looks for people who are available to work hard. Candidates aspiring for a position in the stocking department may need to answer questions related to their physical abilities, whereas candidates looking for higher-ranked positions may need to prove their prior experience. Therefore, it is necessary for candidates to bring an updated resume along with any certifications that may help. Every store differs in the way they conduct interviews and some candidates may also face an interview with the district manager. It depends on the type of position and the amount of work a candidate is willing to put in. The interviewer might ask some basic questions related to the position you are applying for. Usually, they want to know why you want to work for their company. They may ask you about your schedule and flexibility, and previous experience relevant to the role you are trying to fill. As the company relies on impeccable customer service, they want candidates with excellent communication skills and with an ability to please customers. People with a friendly demeanor are sure to be hired as that is one of the basic requirements of any service-driven company. They may also want to know about your previous experience with handling customers. When you work in a customer service environment, you may encounter irate customers. You need to possess the ability to handle these customers in a pleasant manner. The company is very specific about how to handle customers and you can expect them to ask you how you would react in these types of situations.

    Apply At Big Lots – Advanced Tips

    Applicants who apply for managerial positions and night shifts may have to go through a background check. Candidates aspiring to become managers may have to go through a detailed interview process. Most importantly, they need to possess good communication skills since the manager is expected to oversee many details once he is hired. The manager should be able to take on a lot of responsibilities, and the company searches for individuals who have the ability to manage teams. Hiring managers often look for leadership qualities and numerous areas of experience in candidates applying for managerial positions. Apart from the online application form, the interview is very important since this is how the hiring manager can get a feel for the applicant’s personality. Candidates applying for a managerial position should dress professionally, and they need to exude confidence and convince the interviewer that they are ready to work hard to fulfill the company’s requirements. Additionally, it always helps when the candidate studies the company’s history. The interviewer is sure to ask you about the company, and candidates who can respond with facts about the company have a much better chance at landing a job.

    Big Lots Benefits

    Candidates who apply for a job at Big Lots can grow more than they ever imagined, as the company offers many opportunities for advancement. Big Lots offers many benefits to its employees. Benefits include medical, vision, dental and prescription drug coverage. In addition, the company also helps employees who qualify with education assistance. The company is gearing up to provide a 401(k) plan and other paid benefits that include wellness, sick time, vacation, and job training. Though the company offers an attractive salary, it also offers various bonuses and incentives to employees who qualify. Additionally, employees who need to relocate can also receive relocation assistance from the company.

    Things to Know About Company

    It is interesting to note that this company was founded with the name of Odd Lots in 1967. It began its operations in Columbus, Ohio and was bought out by Revco due to changes in management. It was traded publicly under Consolidated Stores, and in 2001 the name was officially changed to Big Lots.  On November 19, 2010 opened 17 new stores bringing it’s total to over 1400 stores.

    One can find the Big Lots job application form here.



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