Babies R US Job Application Guide

    If you have been on the job hunt for long without success, you should definitely go online to check out the Babies R US Job Application that suits your qualifications. It’s quite easy to get a job there when you know what is expected.

    This guide is just what you need before you start filling out that Toys R US Job Application.

    About Babies R US

    Babies R US which also operates as part of the Toys R US Company is a toy and all manner of baby product retail organization headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey (NY). The stores came to be renowned because of their characteristic front design in the 70s and the 80s that consisted of rainbow stripes and a popping brown roof.

    babies r us job application

    Babies R US Careers Application

    Babies R US mission is to be the best in the world when it comes to supplying the best of the best in all baby products. To achieve this mission, they are always on the lookout for professionals who possess the skills and tactics of delivering value and happiness to parents who choose to shop in any of their outlets. The career options for individuals looking for a job are, therefore, limitless.

    Whether you are a qualified accountant, customer service guru, an esteemed toy collector, marketing expert, gaming techie, or just a student looking to kick-start your career, there is always a job that you can apply for at Babies R US.

    Babies R US hiring age

    Just like in any other company, you must be of legal age (18) to work in a Babies R US outlet.

    Babies R US hours of operation

    Babies R US outlets are always crowded with customers. As you would expect, they have very long working hours. They are open for shoppers from 9am to 9pm through Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 7pm during Sundays.

    Babies R US open job positions

    Whatever your career route, Babies R US always has a position that suits your qualifications. Some of the job positions you can apply for include assembler, store clerk, sales specialist, department supervisor, customer service representative, assistant store manager, human resources manager, and sales team member.

    How to get a job at Babies R US

    The main concept of Babies R US retail chain rotates around the sale of baby clothes, toys, and other accessories for children of all ages. Applicants must, therefore, be naturals when it comes to understanding and working with toddlers and parents. On top of this, the applicants must possess impressive marketing, customer service skills, and deep knowledge about baby products. Previous work experience in the baby products industry will also be an added advantage.

    If you have no experience or any educational qualifications, you could still get a job at Babies R US. Most entry-level jobs only require the candidate to be of legal age.

    Babies R US skills

    Babies R US prefers to hire individuals with the following skills:

    • Fun to interact with

    Babies R US prefers jovial candidates. It would be unreasonable to employ a gloomy person to work with pregnant ladies and kids all day.

    • Playful

    You are selling baby products, right? Kids like playing. A candidate with a playful personality rhymes so well with a store that deals primarily with baby products.

    • Energetic

    Children are energetic and you should replicate just that as a candidate for the job. Employees work for long hours and they are expected to remain proactive all through.

    Babies R US interview

    During the interview at Toys R US, you should expect lots and lots of role-playing. Interviewers here want to see whether you are capable of playing it out the right way in settings that replicate the workplace.

    Babies R US Salary

    Depending on their availability, employees can choose to work either part-time or full-time shifts. One thing is common for all shifts though, they all feature generous pay. Entry level positions attract a salary of at least $12 per hour. Expert roles such as departmental managers, on the other hand, can attract average salaries of $35-40 per hour.

    Babies R US Toys R US Jobs

    Let us have a look at some of the most common job positions at Babies R US.

    • Sales

    This represents all the job positions that involve the marketing and selling of the products. Primary roles include welcoming customers, helping customers to locate goods on the shelves, and answering any questions that customers might have about the products.

    Skills to possess for the role include good interpersonal skills, knowledge about baby products, courtesy, and physical strength for moving heavy goods about the store. Sales individuals earn average salaries of $10 per hour.

    • Cashiers

    The primary role of the cashiers is to check out goods that the customers want to buy. Additional roles might involve receiving returns and product pricing. Starters earn $10 per hour but the salary could increase with experience.

    • Department supervisors

    Department supervisors work as designate store managers. Their primary duty is to supervise entry-level employees. Other duties could involve assisting in the sales and inventory departments. Candidates for the position must hold a diploma in sales and some work experience.

    Toys R US seasonal employment

    Toys R US has had the reputation of hiring seasonally during peak seasons. The seasonal hiring sets off in late September and continues through the whole of October. Available seasonal job opportunities include sales, handling returns, and general customer service. Shortlisted candidates earn salaries ranging from $7 to $10 per hour.

    Now that you have gone through our Babies R US job application guide, it’s time to end your fruitless job search by applying at Babies R US.