Applying for a job at Dillons: Dillons Job Application

    In the early 1980s, Dillons became a prominent supermarket chain under the direction of the parent company, Kroger Co. Dillons currently provides consumers with the freshest produce, meats, baked goods and more.

    Applicants in search of work with Dillons will find a variety of positions, including roles in retail stores, division offices, and warehouses. Stores in each location have a wide range of departments which need dozens of staff, including managers, supervisors, and entry-level associates.  Dillons also has an in-house pharmacy at each location, and employment opportunities exist for qualified applicants.

    Dillons Job Application

    Dillons Job Application

    Minimum age of 18 is required for employment at Dillons. To apply for a job, contact a local store or fill out an online application. If you personally visit a store, it allows your future employer to gauge your suitability in person and can set you apart from the crowd.

    You can view available jobs on Krogers website, and by clicking on an individual job, you will see all the job details and get the opportunity to apply. You will be prompted to create an account to apply for a position. When you proceed to the application, you will be asked for your location. You are then required to upload a cover letter and your resume. You also need to supply your personal details, educational experience, work history, any relevant certification as well as some other information.

    It is possible to check the status of your application online. You usually receive a phone call or an email within a few days of submitting forms and may receive a request to participate in an interview within a week. The hiring process will usually take two weeks or more as reference and background checks need to be done.

    Tips: Dillons values integrity, dependability and the ability to work as part of the team. Frequently, employees work holidays and weekends, so prospective employees with open availability will receive more attention as well as those with previous experience in retail positions or supermarkets.  The company also looks at hiring Individuals who will fit into the culture of the company and maintain the same values.

    Careers and Income

    A wide variety of positions are available at Dillons, from clerks and cashiers to supervisors and managers.

    Clerks need the ability to engage with customers and offer helpful recommendations. The job includes building stocking shelves and building product displays which requires certain physical capabilities. Applicants generally need the ability to lift a minimum of about 35lbs to be hired as clerks. Clerks also need to work checkout aisles at times. The typical hourly pay falls between minimum wage and $9.

    Cashiers are required to ring up purchases, apply coupons and sales codes to discounted items and offer product suggestions. They need to be friendly to customers, even when under pressure. They must feel comfortable standing for long periods and communicating with customers and fellow employees. Hourly pay for cashiers is usually between minimum wage and $9.


    Managerial positions require industry experience or having held a leadership position at a past job. Store managers, assistant managers, and supervisory positions are available, with supervisors often featuring a choice of full-time or part-time schedules.

    Managerial responsibilities may include hiring and training of staff, motivating and supervising staff, setting schedules and keeping track of hours. It may also involve supervision of other areas too, such as inventory and marketing. Supervisors typically earn $10 per hour when they begin.  An assistant store manager can expect to make between $30,000 and $40,000 per year. A store manager can expect to make $40,000 to $60,000 per year.  A pharmacist will make between $57 and $60 an hour.

    The interview process

    Before going for an interview, it helps to be prepared by thinking about what questions may be asked.  If you can show some knowledge about the company and the job expectations, it will show how much you want the job. It is advisable to arrive early for your scheduled interview time and be appropriately dressed.

    Employee Benefits

    A common compensation package includes the following benefits for qualified employees:

    • Health benefits
    • 401(k) retirement plan
    • Paid leave
    • Company discounts
    • Employee assistance programs
    • Employee stock purchase programs

    Dillons also offers associates competitive pay, paid training, flexible schedules and opportunities for advancement. Sending your application to Dillons is a great career move.