What to include in a courtesy clerk resume

Even without prior courtesy clerk experience, knowing what to include in a courtesy clerk resume could land you the job. This is because it is one of those jobs where experience doesn’t matter. If your resume displays that you are a fast learner, self-driven, and have a flexible schedule, you will most definitely be shortlisted […]

Job description reception hotel- everything job seekers need to know

There are so many reasons as to why every first-time job seeker wants to get all the deets when it comes to a job description reception hotel. It is one of those professions that don’t necessarily require you to have any prior job experience or any special educational certifications to ace the job. All that […]

E-commerce job descriptions- a special guide for first-time job seekers

E-commerce job descriptions describe the e-commerce managerial profession in terms of the skills required, duties and responsibilities plus so much more. If you have been looking for the secret behind successfully applying for an e-commerce manager job, this is just what you need, so read on! E-commerce job descriptions, a summary The larger part of […]

Maitre D’ job descriptions, comprehensive guide for first-time job seekers

Well-written maitre d’ job descriptions showcase what the job entails in terms of the skills that are required, roles and duties to be carried out, maitre d’ salary range plus other useful information. If you are a first-time job seeker who have had no luck, our guide is among the rare maitre D’ job descriptions […]

Walmart stocker job description Guide

If you are fresh out of college or just looking for a part-time job, there are so many reasons as to why you should look at a Walmart stocker job description. It is one of the most flexible jobs out there that pay well. Besides the good pay and flexibility, you also gain experience in […]

Production clerk duties and the secret for outshining your rivals in the job search

There are so many advantages that come with understanding production clerk duties. Not only do you gain a competing advantage when preparing your job resume, you also learn the secrets to outshining your peers after scoring that job interview. Production clerk Job description As the name suggests, production clerks are responsible for the coordination and […]

Risk Manager Job Description

Risk managers identify potential risks to organizations and put plans in place to prevent, reduce or transfer them. This industry is growing all the time with jobs in a variety of sectors. The role of risk manager is essential to the successful running of an organization. Risk managers are responsible for managing risks to an […]

Database Administrator Job Description

If you enjoy keeping up to date with new developments in technology and you have good communication and problem-solving skills, you may want to consider a career in database administration. As a database administrator, you are responsible for the security, integrity, and performance of the database. You will help to troubleshoot any issues experienced by […]

Applying for a job at Dillons: Dillons Job Application

In the early 1980s, Dillons became a prominent supermarket chain under the direction of the parent company, Kroger Co. Dillons currently provides consumers with the freshest produce, meats, baked goods and more. Applicants in search of work with Dillons will find a variety of positions, including roles in retail stores, division offices, and warehouses. Stores […]

VP Business Development Job Description

Ask different CEO’s about the role of a vice president (VP) of business development and their answers are likely to vary considerably. This is because the type of company and where the organization is in its lifecycle can change the requirements of the position. The VP of business development reports to the president or CEO […]